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Ive read articles about algae grown on farms and the oil they get from it. Will it ever be practical? I would love to see the oil cartel go bust.

i dont think so
they would not be able to break even with it except they come out with a better viable production method

To owners of aquariums, algae is annoying. But to inventor Isaac Berzin, algae represents the future of energy. His Cambridge start-up, GreenFuel Technologies Corp., is launching a new technology platform that he believes will thrust the familiar green gunk into the center of hot-button debates around air pollution, global warming, and energy independence.

That's a lofty claim considering that the company's inventions are designed to harness such a simple substance. In addition to its ability to breed rapidly, algae has two lesser-known properties. First, algae can absorb waste gases such as carbon dioxide. Second, once algae is infused with carbon, it can be dried and burned instead of coal or along with coal to produce energy.

no it costs to much to set up

Yes, next to electric cars, I think algae biofuel is the most promising alternative fuel. Algae grows easily, can be grown vertically, and is carbon negative. Once the technology is ready, it's very promising.

See the link below for further details.

sure do hope so.it can solve a lot of pollution problems maybe. i want the oil cartel busted too ,they are going green

Yes, I believe bio-diesel from algae is a viable method
for producing fuel.

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