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I had a Prawn i raised from a baby in an old tropical tank and he got so big he started eating my smaller tropicals. But now i have a South American tank that id like to have some sort of shrimp in it.

The South Americans i have are a good size the smallest being a 2 inch Jack Dem, the largest being 5 inch red Severum. I also have a 5 inch frontosa that was geting beat up in my African Cichlid tank, that now swims in my south american tank.

Anyways id like to get some freshwater prawn that are around an inch long and have them live in my South American tank. However i have heard they are aggressive. My main question would be how aggressive are they? and do you think the fish would leave them be?

They would be very popular with your cichlids, which is to say the cichlids would find the prawns delicious and wouldn't waste much time in eating them.

I'm often amused by what people call, for example, a "South American" tank. Jack Dempseys are from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras North and Central America, not South America. The Frontosa comes from Lake Tanganyika, Africa. The only animal from South America you mention in that tank is the Severum.

But I'm about as bad, since I have a "Lake Tanganyika" tank that includes two fish from Lake Malawi and one from Asia (along with many from Lake Tanganyika).

your dempsy will destroy the prawn they are also 2 differant water types your south american tank should be a courser water so i dont think the prawns would survive that type of water

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