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I caught him while prawning and decided to keep him as a pet instead of eat him. I usually prefer more typical "girl pets" like cute hamsters, and rabbits. I think reptiles and crustaceans are more a boy's territory!

Still, I kept him because for some reason, I decided I like him.

I feed him crustacean pellets, bits of raw fish and prawns. He's been refusing his food, putting them into his mouth but spitting them out right away. I've read online that these creatures have really low metabolic rate and don't need to eat that much but I'm still quite worried. It's been two weeks since he last ate properly!

He used to eat alot more. He could finish 2 or 3 small pieces of prawns and about 10 pellets.Then, he started eating only once a week and now, he spits food out.

I've searched online but nobody seems to know much about them. Maybe because they are usually eaten and nobody bothers much about them as pets? There are some hobby groups online discussing taking care of them as pets but they don't really have the answer.

Plus, its quite obvious that vets don't work with crayfishes.

I'm quite desperate. Does anyone have experience with them and can you tell me what I should do?

I think its time for you to either eat it or release it.You cant have it as a pet since its not ever going to be a pet.lol

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