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Currently Im setting up an aquaponic system in which Tilapia will be raised and the discharged water from the fish tanks will be sent to water beds where styrofoam "planks"will have lettuce etc in place. Can Prawn (freshwater shrimp) be raised in the water beds with the vegetables thus producing an additional (3rd) product? I heard they wont harm the roots of the plants.

yes. no.
speak to a fish doctor/ vet/ knowledgeable people at the aquarium! who look after the fish!
id phone up a large aquarium, fish centre/zoo , or something....

This would probably work, as long as the runoff water from the Tilapia is not too polluted for the shrimp to live in.

When I saw the topic line of your question, I thought you were thinking of raising shrimp in the same tanks as tilapia, which would, of course, just make the shrimp into a meal for the tilapia.

The shrimp would need a sufficient depth of water to live in otherwise I'd doubt there'd be much of a problem.

i would think so, so yes!

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