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I forgot to ask if raw or cooked prawns are best ? Ps i also fly fish for brownies and sea trout on my local river.

Try fishing prawns or shrimp over a fish-meal ground bait Bream love it and you stand a good chance of a specimen red-fin,but be prepared for the odd rouge Carp.

carp pike and perch will take them bream and roach will probably take small pieces of them

How about fly fishing it may help you out to have more fish.

Perch will eat anything.

Carp have been proven to love fishy smells as well as big bold colours (they have the best eyesight out of freshwater fish) I doubt Roach would like them, Bream maybe.

I know if you're fishing in water that holds catfish, they'll hit on prawns. They prefer them stinky...let them sit in the sun for a full day the day before you use them for bait.

i have caught carp for years using prawns and pieces of squid/octopus.
i have found using sea baits usually work best from spring fed lakes, have no idea why though

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