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I rented a 3 acre fishpond and started my first venture on freshwater farming at Mindoro, Philippines; without any knowledge, we relied only to the experienced caretaker. But on our first harvest we only had five kilos of shrimp out of 100k of seedlings. I am devastated and don't know what had gone wrong and what to do next. we didn't invest again for the 2nd yr of our rent. Please send me some advice..

There's many factors to successful shrimp farming - water conductivity, amount/type of nutrients in the water, diseases, amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, predators, thieves, type of shrimp that are farmed, food source, water pollution, water temperature. There's no way to know exactly what went wrong, but diseases are a big problem in the Philippines, along with insufficient oxygen. The government has fish health officers that are trying to reduce diseases , and they might be able to visit the pond to determine the problem (contacts in the first link).

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