Good day all!!! I'm planning on starting an aquaculture project with a 8000 liter tank. I have been reading up for a couple of months. That started of good but now I'm just confused because of the difference in information on the same topics. So I have decided to ask those with practical knowledge. This is the intended setup:

01. fish tank (3m x 2.5m x 1.2m) filled to 8000 liters
02. from FT to radial flow filter (260 liter tank)
03. from RFF to move bed biofilter with K1 or K3 media (260 liter tank)
04. from BF to sump tank (260 liter tank)
05. from ST bank to FT (branches off into four pipes inside the fish tank, each with is own venturi)
- might include another pipe branching off to two floating raft grow beds (3m x 1.5m each) water from these would flow back into the ST)

I want to have the maximum number of fish possible in the tank so I can sell. Would be my stocking density of a tank this size. (Willing to increase size of RFF, BF and ST because generating some income for selling fish. Will be expanding if this test phase is successful)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.