I am considering investing in a recirculating aquaculture system combined with a hydroponic garden. I intend to start out with a small pilot system and gain growing experience until it can be scaled up to a full size commercial unit.

My question is this, Should I even bother trying to compete with the big players in the aquaculture industry that are already flooding the market with thousands of pounds of fish every day that can be produced far cheaper than I could ever hope to do with a small system and a modest investment?

If you invest in a recirculating system and cant grow food fish because the domestic and foreign mega-producers will crush you with their huge production then what can you grow with it?

Is there anyone out there in the world of aquaculture that has built a small system that consistently generates a profit instead of driving you into bankruptcy, making a fool out of you, and wiping out your hard earned capital.?

is the aquaculture industry as it exists in the United States today something that allows participation by regular people or is it more suited for a gigantic Fortune 500 company with lots of money and millions of gallons of tanks.