I work for a large lake and pond management company, and they have asked me to set up a holding tank system for sterile grass carp that will be stocked in ponds for biological control of underwater vegetation. Being able to hold carp for a longer period of time will allow us to buy in bulk, save money, and have grass carp on hand as needed.

Initially this system will be used as holding tanks, but eventually we want to be able to grow out smaller grass carp, and potentially bass, catfish, bluegill, etc. to appropriate stocking size, so I want to do it right the first time.

Currently, I have two 400 gallon cylindrical tanks with stand-pipes, as shown in the picture. I have aeration, and also a recirculating pump which is not yet installed. I'm looking into mechanical filtration, such as a sand filter/UV filter.

I've been around pretty extensive systems, but I've never set one up before. I am just looking for input and advice on getting started, any feedback and/or recommendations would be appreciated.