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I am curious. I have read so many questions in which the asker states that there health "episode" scared them terribly. (i.e. "I work up with what I thought was a heart attack and it scared me greatly...enough so that I decided to ask for advice...etc etc etc")

This just perplexes me. Why, if you think you are dying or in a dyer health situation, would you CHOOSE to come onto Yahoo! Answers instead of seeking medical attention?

I understand if you ask about a slight rash that is not really bothering you, but come the heck on. If you think you are having a heart attack...why jump on the internet to get advice from someone who is probably a 12yr old who couldn't help you anymore than your pet fish?!?

I am not refering to those that come on here to see if others have the same illness, disease, etc. Getting support for your particular disorder is one thing.

Coming on here and asking for advice because (for what ever reason) you think you are having a heart attack is another.
In the quote it should have said "woke" not "work".
T & J:
You baffle me with some of your questions, answers and responses. So let me get this right......you are a nurse that gives or attempts to give medical advice (knowing or at least should know that this is an illegal act for a nurse), you are addicted to pain medications though feel qualified to give advice on "pain" and "medications" to others, you do not know the side effects of Benedryl and need to ask advice as you do not know what to do for chest pain even though you know it is "cardiac related". I am sure there is more, but I really did not feel like reading all of them.

It doesn't add up for me...sorry.

Like I said though, getting support is one thing. Asking advice for something mild is one thing. Coming on here and saying "I think I am having a heart attack what do I do?" is another thing all together.
Yes, this is a place to ask questions, but, my God, where has common sense gone?

This is not only a "health" category problem...I see questions where I think this all the time.....

"My friend committed identity theft and bought things with a stolen credit card and had them sent to my house with my information......can I get in trouble?"

etc etc etc
Hahahha......good question.

It is pretty apparent that some people do not trust their own judgement, are in denial, and just plain afraid. Often they do not have the education nor assessment abilities to know if they are in fact having heart attack (or whatever the scenario).....so they run it past neutral others for input and brainstorming so that they might be able to make a decision. This is a dangerous way, of course....but so is self diagnosis (google diagnosing). These folks are often confused from trying to self-diagnose using internet resouces, which are about 25% accurate.

Bottomline, they often do not trust their own judgement.....nor observations as to whether to take their symptoms seriously or not! They run their symptoms past disconnected others, and HOPE their gut feeling is wrong. They weed out the answers that don't work for their situation and use those that make the most sense at the time.........yes, it could easily cost them their lives....and very dangerous. But I have noticed that most answers indicate.......GO TO THE ED, or to the Dr.

I suspect it is all about denial.......and trusting ones own judgement. And let us not forget the cost involved in going to the ED or to the doctor. I mean, what if they come away with "you are fine"....and they are out all of the expense??

I totally understand.........I do have the medical education and experience....and also the empathy for those who don't.
I'm sure it sounds relatively silly to you....but if you have not been in the situation before, then you really cannot ask this question fairly. I AM a nurse, my husband IS a paramedic. I just wondered if anyone had the same experience as me. Some people are SCARED. Some people just don't know what to do because of fear, intelligence level, etc. There are trusting people out there that seek advice from the only source they have. Also, some may not have the money. I'm sure they realize in a life threatening case, they should be calling 911-but in some for unknown reason, they don't. I don't think we should criticize them rather give them our honest opinions. I have asked a heart related question and got a few good answers. I have a heart condition and only wondered if this had happened to others before. Sometimes when you panic, you just want to know you are not alone in the situation. And others with panic disorder may sympathize with me in saying you just want to know someone else has felt the way you do. It's simply an issue of a sense of compassion they seek-not TRUE medical advice. And if a 12 year old gives me that on here, then so be it. I'd like to say i have friends of all ages, and all aspects of caring about me enough to answer me honestly and not put me down for asking here. Isn't this forum to ask and answer questions, no matter what they may be?
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