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Gloria Steinem: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: 'In the best condition of marriage, as we now have it, to women come all the penalties and sacrifices...In marriage, woman gives up all."

Jessie Bernard: "Marriage may be hazardous to women's health."

Naomi Wolf: "When I think of pledging my heart and body to a man - even the best and kindest man - within the existing institution of marriage, I feel faint."

Why are so many feminists against the institution and idea of marriage when all the data suggests the contrary, that marriage is healthy and beneficial to both men and women.
To all - These quotes span a time period from the 1800's to ten years ago. Marriage has changed drastically in that time period and yet the feminist view on it has not.

TXwoman - Yes, I do. And equal pay for equal work, a tenant I firmly believe in, has nothing to do with this question.
Pat Robertson does not speak for me, if that is what you are asking. And you are avoiding the question. Why does feminism hate marriage. That is the question. Not what has feminism done for us.
Because they hate men. To many activist feminists the only purpose of a man is to provide sperm. Males serve no other purpose to some feminists.

Who was that famous feminist who claimed "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"?
That's an excellent question, but keep in mind there are extremists in all things. From religion to politics to underwater basket weaving, they are everywhere.
In "ye olden days" in Europe marriage was actually a man legally taking a woman as his property. (Hence the changing of the last name). A woman kept her fathers last name but when she was given to another man she became his property and took his last name. In some places the wife's father even gave a gift (dowry) to relieve the financial burden of taking care of the woman.

I think early feminists were against it for these reasons and it just kinda got passed down...
many men ( and women) expect a complete melding of two individuals in to one couple, if you understand what I am trying to say. what happens in reality many times, is the woman becomes "mother" and "wife" but loses her own identity in the hub bub of trying to fill these roles. The abbreviation Mrs. is short for Mister's, as in possession of the man. This is a cultural reflection of the woman's role in marriage.

I personally am not against marriage, but "Marriage is an institution and I am not ready to be institutionalized yet."
because women have been forced into marriage and they are usually the ones who are beaten.
Sweet Sweet Jane: "I absolutely love my husband"

Perhaps you are seeking out sources to defend your theory. As you might remember, these women were born into a time of great difficulty for women....and at a time where they had to seek out a way to be heard and a way to be counted as equal. There are plenty of feminists who proudly welcome marriage to an equal partner....something which our parents...our mothers and grandmothers often didn't didn't experience.
Yes, marriage is healthy and beneficial to both men and women.Who are not with this idea they are living in the fool's heaven.
I don't know much about the feminist institution, but I don't consider Gloria Steinman to be its mainstream. As for Elizabeth Cady Stanton at her time, marriage was a pretty raw deal for women. They were usually arranged, for financial reasons.

At any rate... I think the goal of mainstream feminism is that people are people under the law not men or women, just people. That's been largely achieved.
Marriage is the unity of a man and woman, correct? The only thing that most don't realize about this unity, and it is because its been happening for so long, is that [it seems] the man becomes almost always the "head" of the union, or the head of the house. So, these feminists might believe that if they get married, they are obligated to submit to this custom. A woman with a strong head (that word again) would not like that. Perhaps this'll answer your question. Good luck. =]
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