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Is this a good way for me to condition my shins (I found it on the internet.):
BTW I'm 14 and haven't yet started any shin conditioning before.

INSTEAD OF READING IT ALL, HERE'S THE WEBSITE ("anonymous" posted this idea)
You will need Methyl-Salicylate (found in liniments), heavy-bag/Thai pad, cold compress, 600 mg calcium + vitamin D supplements.

1. Apply Methyl-Salicylate generously to your shins and warm them up by going for a 20 min run. MS causes local vascodilation and good blood flow. You can also substitute with ditdajow.

2. Kick Thai Pads, or a banana bag till your shins (not the skin or muscle above it) are slightly sore. Doing this in the sun is recommended. (Promotes vitamin D production for efficient calcium absorption.) Approximately 10 minutes of hard kicking on a regular pad surface should be sufficient for a beginner. Use your judgement.

3. Sit down. Point your toes, flex your calves: repeat 10 times each leg. Apply more Methyl-Salicylate and massage the shins and surrounding muscles deeply. Attend to localised knots/bumps if you feel any and try to break them up. The blood carries calcium, protein and all the good stuff which actually thickens up the shins.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 at least 4 times a day.

5. Apply an ice pack to both shins for the next 20-30 minutes. Massage and apply ice-pack repeatedly for as often you wish upto the next 48 hours. Do not kick the bag for at least the next day.

5. Take a 600 mg Calcium + vitamin D supplement. Else, drink a lot of milk and water. Eat fish, chew its bones, eat them.

6. Having taken *at least* one day off, repeat all the steps above.
Questions about the above shin conditioning technique:

*What is Methyl-Salicylate?
*What does point your toes mean?
*What if I find "localised bumps/knots", what am I to do?
*Is it necessary to do it 4 times a day?, I have not yet started any shin conditioning before.
*What are liniments?
*Why do I need to put an ice pack on my shins afterward, is this necessary?
*Instead of a Heavy bag can I just use a normal sized punching bag?
*Instead of taking a 600mg calcium and Vitamin D supplement, can I just drink a glass of "Ribena" (1 glass is 50% recommended daily calcium intake, and could the Vitamin D supplement be replaced by a "inner health" plus tablet or a "Beroca" or something?
Thanks heaps, in advance.
Dude, why are you posting the same question so many times? You don't even give people enough time to respond before you close them.

You had a question from 2 days ago, that you closed after getting only one answer. Don't you want to make sure that you get more opinions, and increase your chances of getting the right stuff?

Anyway, I already answered this list of questions on the other posting of this exact same issue earlier today.
to make your shins stronger keep kicking a hard object over and over again and your shins will get really hard and wont hurts when you get hit in them. trust me. UFC told me that :]
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