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Okay, so my boyfriend and I recently moved in together.... His mom was going through a divorce so being the type of guy he is, he decided (with my ok) that she and the 3 youngest girls all move in with us- so we all split rent on a huge apartment... Everything is working out better than I would have anticipated ( not perfect by any means)- I do have one major problem. His mother LOVES cooking for the family (she's Mexican) and makes delicious foods! She is cooking 24/7... The family is used to this and we all typically sit down and eat together. The problem is I can't possibly eat these foods everynight- red meats... Fat.... Grease.... Fried... I'm accustomed to a bit of a different diet "health" concious foods... Small servings... Fresh vegetables... Fat free milk-salads-brown rice/fish etc.... Would it be insulting if I began cooking for myself? How would I do this in the nicest way possible? She is from a completely different culture and already finds my small servings odd- oh and I'll mention my boyfriend and I are both adults, I'm 21 and he's 24- also she is constantly on me about eating more and bringing/forcing food on me... How do I refuse politely? Occasionally it's nice and hard enough to stick to my "diet" without it being forced on me :-( any suggestions?

But sit down&talk to her nicely explaining that you would like maybe for her to include more veggies & such for the WHOLE FAMILY

I'm use to all that grease red meat stuff haha my culture is even more worse then that because we LIVE off of carbs & fats LOL

but yeah just talk to her politely & let her know whats up & she'll be happy that you're being honest with her
You should be able to eat what you want. If you don't wanna eat it then just say you don't. Just say,"I ain't eatin that." Or "Thanks, but i'm good." And if she's the type of woman who let's people get their own food then maybe you could just get smaller portions on your plate. Or you could even maybe volunteer to cook every once in awhile and cook what you want. Or help her cook and make the healthier side dishes for the meals. That way it doesn't seem like your taking over, kicking her out of the kitchen, or being rude.
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